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b u r n t h i s c i t y

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A "Gossip Girl" bi-weekly ficlet challenge.
I'd burn this city down to show you the light.


Welcome to B u r n t h i s c i t y! We are a bi-weekly challenge community modeled after DW's then_theres_us and much like an icon challenge community, only with fanfiction.

Every two weeks we'll post some type of theme or prompt along with various screencaps of scenes from the show. Members will then write a ficlet fitting the theme and keeping the focus on the scene depicted in their chosen screencap. We will then use screened comments to vote on the submitted ficlets and pick a winner!

To participate in the challenges you must join, if you are not a writer we encourage you to watch the community and of course, to vote for your favorite!

To apply, please click join and then comment here with a link to or a sample of your fic. Comments/samples are screened and this is only for us to gauge the likelihood of your active participation, as we would like to maintain an active community.

- Challenge 012 in Progress -

1. Post your fic, along with chosen screencap, directly to the comm with this header format only:

2. Keep your ficlets focused on your screencap.
3. The same screencap may be chosen by more than one person.
4. You may enter up to three times.
5. Theme. Every challenge is going to have one. You're welcome to interpret it as literally or figuratively or crazily as you'd like -- but please do make sure to incorporate it into your fic in some way.
6. All ratings are allowed, from G to adult.
7. All pairings are allowed.
8. Be respectful of all characters and pairings.
9. We request that you don't cross-post your fic. If you'd like to post your fic to your own journal, a writing journal, fanfiction.net, or another website, that's fine -- but please wait until the current challenge is finished to do so. Also, if you wish to post your chosen screencap when you cross-post your fic, please do not hot-link.
10. Challenges will be posted Monday nights, as will winners from the previous challenge. Voting will go up on Saturday’s and remain open for two days.